Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dress Kebaya Indonesia: Anne Avantie

Trend kebaya  Indonesia dress has reached the international fashion world. Elegant and graceful styles are also created from kebaya makes women look up at important events. Not only used as a wedding dress, kebaya can be used for special occasions with a more simple design kebaya. If you are interested, you can see some pictures kebaya anne avantie design that gives a touch of exotic and elegant.

The first is the kebaya Indonesia harmonized with the pants. This will make the wearer feel more free to move untukl. Because kebaya is usually always in harmony with batik designs are also native to Indonesia. Additional gold and sequins make you look really elegant. Sabrina collar also expands beautifully displays your sexy shoulders.

 Next is the design kebaya Indonesia is more quirky and bold. This time, the kebaya designed to be more modern and follow international fashion market that demands sexy design. Featuring the bold red color. Without forgetting the glamorous image on the design, each side decorated with a beautiful kebaya motif. It is a blend of silk satin fabric which is very pretty.

You are like a flower, the design of the next kebaya Indonesia is a very appropriate inspiration. Florals into a fluffy skirt dress is very pretty. The color and also adds to the overall design embroidering is perfect. Showing the elegance you from the inside and a pretty natural.

Still with the gold makes the design look glamorous kebaya Indonesia and attractive in the eyes of the world. Display with feathers on the sleeves give a warm touch. It can be used for party dresses winter or spring look more graceful.

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